Lena Thompson

Lena Thompson has over 15 years of experience in the corporate arena consulting, training and designing systems for clients including CBRE, Microsoft, Anglo-Irish Bank, Bank of Kuwait and others.

In 2018 she left her career to figure out her meaning in life and find her passion. Now Lena is an award-winning entrepreneur and an international speaker passionate about helping people to find their passion and purpose.

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London, UK

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Despite Lena's successful career and having everything she needed and wanted materially, Lena Thompson felt lost and unfulfilled. This set her on a self-discovery path, pushing her outside of her comfort zone and stretching her to her limits.

Over the past few years, Lena has worked with coaches and mentors; spending hours meditating, journalling and soul searching to finally realise that her purpose is not in what she does but who she is.

Lena Thomas has a mission to bridge the gap between the spiritual and corporate world and encourage people to take ownership of their own feelings, emotions and behaviours. Slow down, observe and discover who they truly are without all this external noise.

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Keynote Speaker Topics

1. New age of productivity – how to work less and achieve more
We live in times when energetic burnout is at its highest, and our working environment can often feel like a pressure cooker. Many think that doing more, working harder and staying busy will increase their productivity and, ultimately, lead to success.
But what if the opposite is true and that by knowing how to:
– Align with our energetic DNA
– Make decisions we trust
– Leveraging our strengths instead of building on the weaknesses

We can become more productive, engaged and fulfilled in our jobs? In this talk, I share three steps to help busy professionals redefine productivity and understand how to optimise their energy in all areas of their lives to achieve more by working less.

2. New age of reality – How to use your imagination to achieve your goals
Imagination is the force with which we create our lives, and whether or not we realise it, we have always been doing this. So when we understand what imagination is, we can begin to use it in the way it was intended to be used and create the life experiences we desire and easily achieve our goals.
In this talk, I share three steps to show how people can create significant changes in all areas of their lives with less effort and resistance and more ease and flow by applying their imagination to their goals.

"Lena is a consummate professional. She has a remarkable ability to guide and inform groups, leveraging Human Design principles to unlock "aha!" moments within individuals and teams. Even for senior-level professionals with decades of experience, Lena's ability to help people understand themselves more deeply is a major unlock for organizations seeking deeper connection and bolstered collaboration."

Darren Murph - Head of Remote at GitLab