Justin Lurie

Justin Lurie is a Global Finance Top 100 awardee, author, and M&A investment banker addressing audiences on business-related topics including an overview of current market conditions (and predictions), Corporate Strategy, and growth through Mergers & Acquisitions.

Justin Lurie is the Chairman of the Board of American Petroleum Institute, Houston, a longtime television commentator, and a former candidate for US Congress. His book, ‘The Profit’, on corporate strategy has sold in over 40 countries and has been featured on numerous university’s business schools’ reading lists. He has also authored many published newspaper opinion articles.

He is energetic, captivating, and shares actionable information.

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Houston, USA

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$5,000 - $10,000

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Mr. Justin Lurie is the founding partner at M&A investment bank Sterling Concord, a Global Finance top 100 awardee, the Chairman of the Board of the American Petroleum Institute, Houston, and a television commentator on business and political topics.

His book “The Profit” on corporate strategy has sold in over 40 countries and has been featured on numerous university’s business schools reading lists. He has also authored many published newspaper opinion articles.

In addition to regular television appearances, Justin Lurie is a national keynote speaker addressing conferences including the ACG in Las Vegas, national HR leadership, the Federal Reserve Bank, and elite higher education such as the University of Michigan. Topics include growth through mergers and acquisitions, current state of the economy, and strategic planning and execution.

Corporations have privately invited Mr. Lurie to speak to their senior leadership at retreats and strategic planning meetings, both in the US and internationally.

Justin Lurie finds profound joy in addressing audiences, responding to audience questions, and imparting actionable wisdom. Like an athlete in the throes of scoring a goal or a touchdown, speaking offers a comparable blend of delight and pressure, resulting in an exceptional experience for both the audience and the orator.

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Keynote Speaker Topics

Topic ONE: Mergers & Acquisitions

HEADLINE: The How & Why of M&A Growth & Change

Working for a company for that is for sale, or has been sold or acquired, can be extremely unsettling and uncomfortable. Even when you are a member of the purchasing company, there is often substantial change around the corner or already arriving at your front door.
Once the big deal is announced amid fanfare and celebration, more hard work must begin. Combining two companies will bring a drive to create one company culture, one company mission, and a new all-encompassing strategy.

This is an eye-opening and educational look at why the transaction has or will occur, who are various players or stakeholders, and what processes must be accomplished for success to incur.

Attendee Results:
• Learn Why & How M&A deals are initiated, transacted, and closed
• Understand Whom are the major players, and their roles and responsibilities
• Develop the Critical Factors and Considerations for both buyers and sellers
• Create the plan for combining two companies into one successful enterprise

Topic TWO: Corporate Strategy & Execution

HEADLINE: The Keys to Creating Your Company’s Strategy & Unlocking Implementation Success

Profit figures are not company goals, sales numbers are not inspirational. To motivate and inspire your company to reach the next level and beyond they must have a unifying vision, an achievable idea all can internalize and rally together to reach and triumph.

Communicating a ‘pie in the sky’ narrative to your company will not unify a company in moving towards the same direction nor keep the leader’s credibility. Instead, there are comprehensive and deliberate steps and frameworks to complete to create a credible, lasting, and achievable goal that all can see in their mind’s eye. A vision is painting a picture to say 1,000 words that all can comprehend and desire. “Our Star Wars meets Key West coffee shop will have hyper location growth until we are the Starbucks of the South”

This talk will delve into the nuts and bolts of how to create your short, medium, and long term strategies for organizations anywhere in size between a large multinational conglomeration to a small team start-up with a grand idea.

Attendee Results:
• Discover what is good (credible, achievable) strategy vs bad (uninspiring, non-growth) strategy
• Explore the frameworks and questions to ask to build and develop your unique strategy
• Determine the model for differentiating your product offerings
• How to implement and execute for lasting results
• Effective communication strategies to have staff go beyond solely ‘understanding’ and to ‘believing’ in the message

Topic THREE: What’s Happening in Global Finance

HEADLINE: Global finance effects everyone, what are the trends, where are we going, and how to win

Many, if not most, consider ‘the markets’ to be large trading hubs like NYSE or NASDAQ, but instead ‘the markets’ are really all of commerce including international trade, currencies, agriculture, and commodities. Each of the big three pillars that construct society, Food, Fuel, & Finance, greatly affect another and reaches nearly every person on Earth.

Understanding the current state-of-affairs and the trends that are both emerging and carrying forward will allow us to be prepared for both the positives and negatives. In any major market movement, there will be winners and losers. It is those who can foresee the right side of the graph, the side that is not yet written, that will be able to position themselves and their firms wisely.

Goals for the Talk:
• Learn the most pivotal trends occurring right now
• Determine how to position your assets and resources for maximum benefit

"Your insights, expertise, and engaging discussion was truly exceptional. Your ability to present relevant examples and real-world scenarios greatly enhanced the learning experience for all attendees. The extensive experience and enthusiasm you brought to the stage really had an impact on the success of the session."

Jasper Colin