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Brit Barron is a sought after speaker in the areas of personal development, race, gender and sexuality. Brit is an experienced storyteller and is known for her ability to use personal narratives and experiences from her life to highlight larger, universal truths. Her casual speaking style, use of humor, and ability to capture an audience has led her to share the stage with Jen Hatmaker, Jedediah Jenkins, Amy Porterfield, and many others.

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Los Angeles, USA

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$30,000 - $40,000

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Brit Barron is an author, speaker, and diversity and inclusion trainer who has spoken all over the country in order to equip and empower others. She is a natural connector and steps onto stages to address areas of personal development, race, gender, and sexuality. An experienced storyteller, Brit is known for her ability to use personal narratives and experiences from her life to highlight larger, universal truths, for her approachable method of teaching, and for finding the ways in which we are all connected.

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Overall: Brit uses powerful pieces of her story and the intersection of spirituality, race, gender and sexuality, and love to inspire all of us to overcome our own fears–the kinds of fears that keep us from evolving beyond the narratives that have been handed to us by others. “We are often faced with two hard options: give into fear and negativity and refuse to be true to who we are, or be true to who we are and pay the price for going outside of what is expected of us. Both are hard, but one is worth it.”

Race: Featured in a TEDx Talk in 2017, Brit is passionate about diversity and advocacy. In this keynote, she translates Beyoncé’s music as a road map about race relations in the United States; demonstrating that being “colorblind” is not the goal, but diminishing our nation’s “expertise” in racism is. The intent of Brits work is to create a deeper and more personal understanding of the history of race in America. Brit also facilitates antiracism training for cooperations.

"You can always count on Brit for a much needed dose of honesty, humor, and tough love. She has a special way of opening your eyes to new perspectives and ideas, all the while giving you permission to show up as a better version of yourself."

Amy Porterfield, Host of “Online Marketing Made Easy” podcast and one of Forbes’ “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers”