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Marc Prensky, a visionary and passionate supporter of young people, shows adults who care about today’s kids—including executives, parents, politicians and more—new and better ways to move those young people into the future. Marc Prensky coined the phrase “Digital Natives” 20 years ago and has given keynotes in almost 50 countries and all U.S. states. He offers audiences, based on his newest (10th) book—EMPOWERED!: Re-framing ‘Growing Up’ for a New Age—new and better alternatives for helping all of the two billion kids around the world succeed in their fast-changing 21st century world.

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Marc Prensky is known throughout the world for his term “digital natives,” his 10 books—translated into 12 languages—and his constant speaking engagements around the globe. Marc has given keynotes in almost 50 countries on 6 continents. He has published 10 books and over 200 articles and essays. He is a highly experienced keynote speaker who knows how to reach audiences with new ideas. His presentation style is informal, energetic, and direct.

Marc holds graduate degrees from both Harvard and Yale. He has been a teacher at all levels—elementary to university. His ideas are taught today in universities around the world.

Marc Prensky spent 6 years at the famed Boston Consulting Group. His core skill is “re-framing,” i.e., getting people to see things in new ways. As a passionate advocate for young people, his goal is to make adults think, feel, and act differently regarding their own children and our future world. His keynotes are fast-paced, enjoyable and engaging, with memorable graphics, and tailored for each audience.

Marc Prensky has a business background, with a Harvard MBA. He spun-out of Bankers Trust—and ran for 10 years—a company that made high-end video games to train financial traders and corporate executives. He was an early pioneer in the corporate, military and health) games movement.

Marc’s purpose is to advocate for today’s young people—who are too often seen in a negative light. Marc believes ALL of today’s young people will have far more to contribute to the world than ever—if we prepare them differently and empower them. We need, he says, to bring out what is inside each of them, rather than just put things in.

Marc’s terms Digital Natives and Digital Immigrant are now both in the Oxford English Dictionary. In his keynotes, Marc shares his latest thinking regarding young people, which continues to evolve and deepen.

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Marc’s current keynote topic—GROWING UP EMPOWERED: UNLEASHING THE POWER OF 21ST CENTURY KIDS—is a visionary and highly insightful presentation based on his latest book. In his talk Marc describes the generational and civilizational move from Education (20th century) to Empowerment (21st century) and offers 20-year-time-horizon re-thinking of how to unleash the capabilities and power of all our world’s 2 billion young people in a digital age.

Audiences typically leave Marc’s keynotes inspired—thankful for new perspectives and deep in reflection. They take away new, positive ways of seeing their world, and many new ideas to implement. They leave with a very different perspective on today’s young people—including who they are, what they can do, and how we should raise them. The talk includes new frames for viewing technology and young people, new alternatives to our current education, new ways of parenting, and ways to help our young people find meaningful work in a 21st-century world. Marc sees becoming “symbiotic” with our new technological body extensions as one of the highest priorities for today’s young people and shows how to do it.

Marc thrives on answering audience questions. He is happy to debate anyone, particularly those whose views are about kids’ use of today’s technology are negative. He has gone on tour debating author Mark Bauerlein and has done a number of one-on-one, on-stage debates.

Marc is also very effective and energy-adding on any panel related to young people and generational change and has been on high-level conference panels around the world.

Among Marc’s other keynote topics are “EMPOTECH—a New Technology Category,” “Changing Beliefs and Attitudes in a Tech-filled, AI world,” “An Update on Digital Natives and Immigrants,”“Beyond Education to Empowerment,” “From Jobs to Adding Unique Value,” “From ‘Tool-Users’ To ‘Symbiotic Empowered Hybrids’,” “From ‘The Final Pre-Internet Generation’ to the Connected Humans Of The Future,” and “Empowerment Hubs in Companies and Organizations.”

"Your keynote resonated with over 500 delegates from 61 countries who attended the Forum. Your presence was an inspiration to the attendees and a great encouragement to all of us. My colleagues and I found it a great pleasure to work with you"

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