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Combining Digital Technology, magic and mind-reading, Keynote Speaker Keelan Leyser has given unique, educational and entertaining presentations for a variety of industries. Keelan’s lectures are a unique and dynamic experience that your delegates will talk about for a long time; whether for a conference energizer, corporate event, or after-dinner entertainment, Keelan will get your audience to Reimagine the Impossible.

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Las Vegas, USA

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$10,000 - $20,000

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About Entertaining Magician Motivational Speaker Keelan Leyser

Keelan Leyser has been providing blue-chip companies around the world with conference presentations that combine a potent blend of cutting-edge psychology, state-of-the-art digital illusion, mentalism, corporate theatre, and quick-witted humour to illustrate hard-hitting and practical business strategies that will captivate your delegates while also helping to boost your bottom line for nearly two decades.

Keelan shares personal and professional insights that educate, engage and inspire his listeners. Keelan is committed to providing your delegates with a burst of practical inspiration that will stick with them. Keelan's engaging and interactive approach will assist each audience member in realizing their inner potential. But, more importantly, he will show how to tap into these internal resources to gain greater consistency in achieving business and life objectives.

Keelan's client-favourite presentations peel back organizational and psychological layers to test our decision-making patterns and assess our potential. These talks are intended to engage the audience as active thinkers and doers, immersing them in the process of learning, self-questioning, and self-actualization, and ultimately empowering them to Reimagine the Impossible.

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Keelan will show your delegates how to release the power of their imagination and ingenuity by thinking like a magician in his highly interactive presentations. Over-reliance on data as a key business driver sometimes pushes these great mental skills to the background. Keelan will show your delegates how to increase and accelerate their creativity by thinking like a magician, becoming more 3-D in their thinking, and how to analyze competing inventions given the stakes of getting it ‘wrong.’


Past successes, tried-and-true techniques, and information flows can hypnotize a corporation into undervaluing or disregarding ground-breaking ideas that contradict prevailing norms, group mindsets or disrupt planned schedules. Keelan explains how to transform negatives into benefits by embracing change.


The curse ‘May you live in interesting times’ has never seemed more fitting than it does now. Managers and marketers alike recognize the need to think about the future and emerging possibilities and risks in new ways in order to continue to thrive in a challenging global business climate.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for Keelan’s session this afternoon. It was brilliant and we’ve had great feedback from the group."

Laura Y - Fujitsu
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