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Anthony Trucks is an Identity Shift Coach, NFL alum, and bestselling author. Anthony’s life journey from foster care to the NFL taught him to defy the odds. Anthony Trucks specializes in guiding individuals through Dark Work to unlock their genuine identity, enabling powerful transformations and helping them realize their fullest potential.

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For Anthony Trucks life began in the foster care system at the tender age of three. This path continued until he was 14, when he was adopted by an all-white, financially struggling family. While in high school Anthony set an ambitious goal for himself – making the varsity football team. Through sheer hard work and unwavering determination, not only did he secure a spot on the team, but he was also granted a full scholarship to the University of Oregon, eventually paving the way for his NFL career.

Yet, fate had its own plans. A sudden shoulder injury shattered Anthony's NFL dreams as quickly as they had manifested. Drawing on the resilience he had developed during the earlier years, he knew he had to pivot – and pivot swiftly.

Armed with a degree in kinesiology, Anthony Trucks ventured into entrepreneurship by opening his own gym. But it didn't take long before he found himself drained and overwhelmed, both in his business and personal life.

In a conversation with a friend, a realization struck – Anthony was seen as an inspiration, a hero who conquered against all odds. This moment sparked a thought: "Could I inspire others?" he understood that bridging the gap between the present situation and his desired outcome wasn't about tactics or strategies; it was about something intrinsic, something within him.

Once more, Anthony began the journey of self-transformation. Years were spent delving into research, practice, and fundamentally rewiring his mindset on a profound level. He aimed to effect the internal changes necessary to become the person he aspired to be. Gradually, Anthony evolved into a finely tuned "shift maker."

Today, Anthony's fervor and life's purpose revolves around sharing the wisdom that took over three decades to acquire. As the founder of "Dark Work" and the creator of "Dark Work Experience," his mission is to empower individuals to harness their identity's strength through Dark Work. This empowers them to unlock their fullest potential and initiate profound shifts.

With a heart aflame, Anthony Trucks aspires to guide others on their unique paths, helping them tap into the wellspring of their own potential, and ultimately, to Make Shift Happen!

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Topics- Identity Shift, Motivation, Resiliency, Mindset, Leadership, Success

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Dark Work Wins – How to optimize your identity for peak performance

Ideal Audience: Corporate, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and General Audiences and can be tailored for Leadership, Sales, and your Specific Industry
Value: Elevate yourself and your team’s personal power, skill sets, and conviction to WIN, which leads to more impact, income, and limitless success.

Everyone has a desire to access their next level of success in life, but it’s hindered by an unseen force holding them back. An inability to apply relentless pressure towards their dream and achieve it at all costs. Champions win not only because they have worked hard, but because they have outworked their competition and instilled a deeply rooted conviction to compete. They will die before they let someone who hasn’t worked as hard as them beat them.

It’s the work they’ve done in the dark that allows them to shine in the light.

As a former foster kid turned NFL football player, American Ninja Warrior, and successful entrepreneur, Anthony Trucks is an anomaly by any statistics and the only way he was able to shine in the light is because of his “Dark Work Experiences” that molded him, hardened him, and built up Dark Work Energy that field his passion to succeed and shine in the light.

Most people want to “shine” without doing what’s necessary to earn it, and they find themselves falling short of their potential for a lifetime. Anthony believes that when you finally understand the power of a Dark Work Experience, and how to properly and intentionally put yourself through one, you’ll find the “hidden in plain sight” secret to unlimited success and absolutely any area of your life.

In this powerful and soul shaking program, Anthony shares how we can “Do The Dark Work” that will allow us to compete with conviction to shine our brightest in the light. Learn the three phases of a “Dark Work Experience” — Respect The Shine, Do The Dark Work, and Emerge — and how world class achievers utilize them to access levels of success in their career, their relationships, and in life that 99% of people never experience. It’s time to do the work in the dark so NO ONE can take what is yours in the light!

– How our skill sets, and brazenness to deploy our skill sets, are only developed in the dark
– The positive power, and critical need, of Dark Energy and how to tap into it at just the right moments
– What a “Dark Work Experience” is and how to do one on demand, not just when crap hits the fan
– How to “Define Your Shine” so you curate a vision that’s magnetic to your soul
– Learn the single question you must ask yourself multiple times a day to tap into your Dark Energy and fuel your success

"Anthony is one of the most amazing speakers I have seen. His stage presence is insane! He has the ability to make people laugh and cry but most importantly, to get them to transform. It's some of the best I have ever seen. If you get the chance to have Anthony at your event – do it! He will transform your audience and change their lives."

Russell Brunson - CEO Clickfunnels