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Ricky Nuttall was one of over 250 first-responders who were called to the fire at Grenfell Tower in London, on the 14th June 2017. The fire tragically claimed the lives of 72 residents and injured over 70 more.

Ricky suffered from PTSD as a result of the life-changing decisions he had to make that night, as well as carrying the weight of previous traumatic incidents over a long career.

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London, UK

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As part of his recovery Ricky Nuttall started writing, producing and featuring in creative content ranging from short films and spoken word pieces to written poetry and podcasts. One of his most moving short films "The Firefighter" made in conjunction with Grenfell Voices CIC, was featured at the Manchester Film Festival to an outpouring of support and love.

Ricky Nuttall has made numerous media appearances on the BBC and ITV discussing that night of the Grenfell Tower fire, the traumatic impact it had on him and his colleagues and his journey through PTSD. He has even gone on to star in Channel 4's SAS Who Dares Wins and has become a patron and advocate for a number of mental health charities and organizations.

With a new perspective on life, Ricky Nuttall is now a mental health advocate and public voice, focusing on raising awareness on the importance of social and workplace mental health and wellbeing.

“Firefighters leave incidents, but the incidents don’t leave us.”
"I believe if I can heal and if I can drag myself out of the darkness of depression and PTSD, so can anyone."
“A true understanding of who you are, including all your weaknesses, will be the most freeing discovery of your life.”

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Keynote Speaker Topics

Strength in Vulnerability
Ricky Nuttall will demonstrate to people that we can find strength in the places that he once couldn’t. That we can overcome obstacles in ways he once didn’t know existed. That through embracing and accepting our vulnerabilities we can understand ourselves better. He’ll show you how by being brutally honest with yourself, you can allow people to see the real you.

Surviving PTSD
Through Ricky’s personal experiences with PTSD and depression, he has witnessed first-hand the destructive nature of both. Ricky witnessed the break up of his family unit. He witnessed the breakdown of close friendships. He witnessed the loss of his home, the loss of of his secondary income, and the loss of his mind. He says “witnessed,” because he wasn’t present for any of it. Ricky’s aim is simple; to help give people a real understanding of what poor mental health is and how to survive it.

Harnessing Your Weaknesses
Ricky Nuttall will demonstrate the power of honesty and the strength in harnessing your weaknesses, by using those same qualities in his approach. Ricky will talk openly, revealing raw and painful truths about his past, and all the things he wished he’d done differently; his regrets, his lows and his sadness and
how truly understanding who you are, can set you free.

"Ricky was a guest speaker at our "Time to Talk Day". His talk and Q&A was exceptional, he communicated harrowing and deeply personal experiences in such an authentic and accessible way. No subject is off-limits, he puts the audience at ease and masterfully makes talking about such a stigmatized subject matter feel normal. I really can't recommend Ricky highly enough. If your workplace takes mental health seriously then talking about it is crucial and inviting Ricky in to encourage that dialogue could make a real difference"

Rory Kidger, Head of Portfolio Delivery, UK Civil Aviation Authority & Board Member of Mind in Kingston