Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds is a former NASCAR pit crew team member and he speaks about taking the teamwork lessons learned from changing four tires in under 15 seconds to the other businesses. boardrooms, and companies. He is also very active in Charlotte’s events, festivals and concert industries as an emcee.

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Charlotte, USA

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$1,500 - $3,500

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Patrick Reynolds is a Connecticut native that was captivated by auto racing. New England is strong with grassroots-level motorsports. Much like a country singer who moves to Nashville, he moved to Charlotte, NC to pursue a NASCAR career. Patrick spent decades building cars and changing tired. The economic turn in 2008 eliminated many professional positions. Patrick Reynolds got a chance to co-host an auto racing radio talk show. That led to hosting his own talk shows, public speaking, and emcee & hosting duties. The experiences that he had traveling the country while being a NASCAR team member make great lessons that other can use to improve business and life. Patrick discovered his voice and wants to use that to help others.

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Teamwork: Prior to pubic speaking, Patrick Reynolds had a career in professional auto racing. Each team would build our fleet of cars from the ground-up. He would then transport the team to the track and race against all of the other teams on the circuit. Race day was pressure-filled with car prep and the stops on pit road. That teamwork aspect can carry over to any style and size of business. Patrick Reynolds loves improving efficiency with the lessons learned in NASCAR and other forms of motorsports.

Emcee: Following an auto racing career, Patrick began a radio career. That transferred into public speaking and being a host & emcee for multiple events around Charlotte, NC. Patrick Reynolds’ voice and microphone have replaced his wrenches and screwdrivers. The show is not about the emcee, but that role keeps the program moving, on time, and threads all of the presentations together.

"For over a year Patrick has been my co-host on "Why Should I Care". From day one, I have seen Patrick come to life when it is time to “go live”. He is energetic, engaging with listeners + audience, and a fast thinker. Patrick can cover any subject from serious to light-hearted. Emcee, commercial voice, host - Patrick can do it all. He is a natural and does it for the love of the audience no matter the size. I am lucky to have him join me every Thursday morning!"

Melissa N - WSIC Radio Host