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Monica Parkin is a best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, podcast host. She empowers introverts to embrace and leverage their superpowers for success in sales and business and shows managers how to support and maximize the talents of the introverts on their teams. She also teaches conflict resolution, relationship building and sales strategies to all personality types through storytelling and practical easy to implement strategies.

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Comox BC, Canada

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$3,000 - $5,000

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Monica Parkin is a best-selling author, audiobook narrator and host of the “Juggling without Balls” podcast. When she first started out in the financial industry she was a painfully shy, socially awkward introvert that was overwhelmed by the idea of networking to build a book of business. She is still an introvert but she has since evolved into a master relationship builder that is both a sought after speaker and highly successful entrepreneur. She was recently awarded the title of “Women of Influence” by a panel of her peers from the Canadian Mortgage Industry and is the winner of multiple speaking awards. She enjoys sharing what she’s learned on her journey of personal and professional growth and uses humor and stories to teach others how to authentically build and maintain relationships so they can feel more connected, confident and valued in their business and personal lives. Monica’s writing has been featured in publications such as The Glass Hammer, The Business Review and the Journal of Sales Transformation. She has also been interviewed on dozens of international podcasts, radio shows and TV segments including BBC and CTV live and several US Networks. Her career spans roles in the Federal Government in HR and Finance, the Veterinary and Finance industries and as the successful CEO of multiple companies. Monica lives on a small hobby farm on Vancouver Island with an assortment of furry creatures and jokingly refers to herself as “the crazy goat lady”. She is an involved member of her community and is frequently found giving her time on non profit committees and volunteering at local events.

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Presentation #1- Networking for Introverts (and extroverts) – Grow your network with ease and confidence
As an Introvert new to sales, Monica Parkin initially found herself struggling with how to find clients and build a network of referral partners. In this presentation she will share how she finally harnessed her introverted superpowers and mastered the art of authentic relationship building. Participants can expect to learn actionable strategies that they can immediately apply to their business to help them feel more connected, successful and valued by their clients and their communities. This is geared specifically towards introverts but any one will get value from it and it has also received rave reviews from extroverts in the audience. Regardless of personality type, participants can expect to be educated, entertained and inspired to take action with real life stories and examples from Monica’s bestselling book “Overcoming Awkward,” the Introverts Guide to Networking, Marketing and Sales. Monica with customize this presentation to your industry and has delivered it to Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Engineers and even Hospitality Industry Executives with outstanding feedback.
“This presentation alone was worth the price of admission” – commentary from symposium live feed, MPC Fall 2021

Presentation #2 – Taming the Dragon – Dealing with Angry Clients and Difficult People
It’s been a roller coaster few years in a lot of industries, and everyone is feeling the heat of conflict in their businesses. In this presentation Monica will provide practical, easy to use science based tools and strategies for de-escalating and preventing conflict with clients, coworkers and family members with a special focus on defusing angry customers. From a discussion of the brain’s chemical response to problems to the internal dialog that drives actions and words, this presentation has audience members simultaneously nodding their heads and laughing at the honest and vulnerable stories Monica shares to demonstrate and solidify learning outcomes. Monica has a background in both Finance and Veterinary Medicine and this talk has been especially well received with underwriters, banking specialists and health care professionals but can be tailored to any group that experiences conflict as a part of their job including health care workers, front line employees and customer service reps. Audiences can expect to be engaged with humor, storytelling and real-life examples of conflict and not only how to defuse it but how to stop it before it even starts.
“ One minute I was holding my breath in suspense and then next moment I was laughing so hard I think they heard me at the back of the room. I felt the shift in my thought process as I was listening.”

Presentation #3 – The Secret Power of Introverts – Why organizations Need Them and How to Leverage their Strengths
The conventional stereotype is that success is an extroverts playground but the reality is quite the opposite. Research shows us that not only do Introverts make up at least half the population but that they have an integral role to play in organizations and that teams with both experience more success, higher levels of team and client satisfaction and outperform companies with more extroverts. But what exactly are the superpowers of introverts and how do you foster and work culture where they can thrive and contribute? Post pandemic how do you ensure the introverts in your organization want to return to the office and have what they need to feel valued and supported to do their best work? In this presentation Monica will show explain why organizations need introverts, in what areas they really excel and add value and how to nurture and cultivate their skillsets for maximum economic benefit and employee satisfaction. She provides concrete actionable strategies for introverts to succeed in business and for managers to support and nurture the talents of the introverts on their team. This can be customized for various kinds of teams including sales, creatives and service/non profits. Audiences can expect to walk away with actional strategies on how to increase team and client satisfaction, improve employee retention and grow revenues/targets.

"I have worked with Monica on in person and virtual events over the last 2 years and at each event she has been one of the highlights! She is so professional and easy to work with and customizes her material to reflect the audience. She is full of energy, engaging and entertaining. You won't be disappointed to hire Monica to speak at your next event"

Cara Schulman, Vice President Membership and Events, Mortgage Professionals Canada