Katy Murray

Katy Murray is a leadership coach, diversity and inclusion facilitator, and business mastermind host. She’s worked with 1000s of leaders, across 35 countries and over 20+ years. Her thought leadership is featured in Chartered Management Institute, Association of MBAs, Psychologies Magazine, The European, Noon, Grazia, Metro and the I Paper.

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Manchester, UK

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$1,000 - $3,000

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Katy Murray is the director of Catalyst Collective, a boutique consultancy supporting clients to become more inclusive, she’s been named one of the top 50 UK D+I leaders by Hive Learning. Her first book Change Makers is published by Kogan Page. She lives in the UK’s Lake District with her partner and 2 teens.

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Burnout and exhaustion is now so common, but they’re not inevitable. Toxic productivity is systemic, but it’s disruptable.

My work and speaking centres leaders’ wellbeing in the context of culture change and the call to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces. I share insights, strategies, stories and examples to enable audiences to do the deep inner work as well as the challenging outer work of transformational change.

I’m not interested in transactional sessions, I’m interested in leaders elevating their thinking and integrating simple power practices to make a difference in the day-to-day. I’ll share provocations to stir and shift your thinking, leading you to fresh insights and inspired action beyond the session.

My belief is that we’re all leaders – we all hold power to influence the workplace culture around us. We also navigate bias and barriers in the workplace (to greater or lesser extent depending on our points of intersectionality and privilege we hold) We can all be part of disrupting and co-creating workplaces where everyone can thrive.

My speaker style is energising, engaging and activating with practical and powerful takeaways – I’m kind but I don’t collude – expect compassionate challenge! My sessions are interactive (wherever possible), packed with personal reflection and application points, so your team leave feeling inspired as well as knowing what they can do practically with their insights.

Sessions are designed bespoke with my clients. Topics are all intersectional, all grounded in current research, best practices as well as tried-and-tested leadership strategies.

Topics can include how can we:

– break bias in our day-to-day interactions and our organisational systems

– create truly inclusive teams that feel great to be part of

– engage men in the conversation (and the work!) around equity, diversity and inclusion

– elevate our voice, dial up our visibility and use our privilege as a superpower

– each be change makers whatever our sphere of influence

– centre wellbeing, joy and sustainability in our culture change work

– embrace seasonal and cyclical living rather than being ‘always on’

– listen to our inner wisdom to develop self-trust, self-efficacy and self advocacy

– find our sisterhood – we’re socialised for comparison and competition in the workplace – how do we unlearn and relearn to truly collaborate as women

– healing, solidarity and liberation – what does this mean for our workplaces and how do we (as white women specifically) play our part in that

– extend and expand our professional and business eco systems, discovering the magic of support plus accountability

– find our full body YES, access our zones of genius and dial up our CEO mindset

– keep on track with our change making work, what do we measure and how do we keep going, sustaining our resilience, energy and momentum

– create our own holistic Resilience Map with power practices to boost our energy and centre our wellbeing, while we’re stepping up in our leadership

"Katy Murray empowered the Woman Up audience with her wonderfully interactive session on how we can all be changemakers. Katy bought energy and heart to discussions on leadership that really resonated with the women in the room. We stepped in and out of our comfort zones as we talked to women we had never met about how we are chipping away at the 'wall'! We would recommend Katy's book, Changemakers and we look forward to working with her again soon."