Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin is a world renowned stunt performer who was critically injured in an accident in 2021 leaving him permanently paralysed. Using the mindset and lessons from his previous career Jonathan has undergone a meteoric recovery displaying nothing but positivity in the face of a truly staggering loss.

Now an ambassador for the spinal injuries association and patron of a separate disability charity, Jonathan Goodwin is a roll model (Pun intended) not just for people who experience disability but for anyone who wants to overcome the challenges that life throws at us on a daily basis.

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Jonathan Goodwin is considered one of the greatest theatrical daredevils of all time. In a career spanning nearly thirty years he was hanged, buried alive locked in a box covered in 200,000 bees, he was attacked by sharks and rattlesnakes, hung from his toes from helicopters and from his teeth seventy feet in the air. Jonathan starred in shows on broadway, London's west end, radio city music hall, Sydney opera House and for the private birthday party of Queen Elizabeth II.

In October 2021 Jonathan was involved in an accident which left him critically injured and permanently paralysed. In just a few short months Goodwin was out of hospital and moving forward a life that was now taking him in a completely new direction. Far from being inhibited by his paraplegia Jonathan Goodwin is positively thriving and helping and influencing others to overcome their own personal physical or psychological challenges.

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Falling up: How to survive when things go wrong. Jonathan explains his story, and how he channeled his experiences to not only cope with disaster but thrive in it.

None but the brave: Fear is the most inhibiting human emotion. It pervades every aspect of life far beyond the obvious. Fear prevents us from achieving our goals, deepening our relationships and living a truly fulfilled life. Jonathan is a person who taught himself to be fearless and explains how you can too.

"This talk will probably stay with me for the rest of my days. What a powerful speech. An excellent choice for the conference"

Royal College of Occupational Therapists