Diane Allen

Violinist Diane Allen, shares the lessons learned from her 10-year struggle to attain the job of her dreams as the lead violinist of an orchestra. Diane Allen overcame her roadblocks by figuring out how to get into the Flow State on demand, something that most find elusive. Her story is grounded in positive psychology with the Flow State as the gateway to being your best self, experiencing more meaning, joy, and fulfillment in work and life.

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Bend, Oregon, USA

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In her keynote speeches, along with her TEDx/TED talk How to find “flow” (and lose yourself in it) Diane Allen reveals what the Flow State is and provides a three-step system for participants to discover their own Flow Strategy™. This gifts them the path to harness its power and unleash their true potential.

Nowadays, you’ll find Diane in flow on stages with her Copper Dragon Violin, providing experiential Keynote Performances that leave people with specific steps to deeply engage, access high levels of productivity, and love what they do! Audiences find humor and inspiration as they slip into flow along with Diane and her original music, leaving them with an indelible experience and the specific steps to get into flow whenever they need to the most.

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Keynote Speaker Topics

Go Beyond Engagement™: Cultivate a Happy and Fulfilled Workforce

For Leaders

How can you create a culture where your people are happy and fulfilled? When you know how to connect what your people love to do with what they do for work, everything changes. This gives them the path to apply their best to their work in the same way that a musician gets lost in the music. It all comes down to learning their Flow Strategy™, a system where people access their best performance anytime, anywhere, no matter how high the pressure, all while experiencing more meaning, joy, and fulfillment in their lives.

Unlock Genius for Increased Engagement, Retention & Recruitment

For Leaders

What if tapping into your genius is the key to finding meaning, joy, and fulfillment in your work? Imagine a culture where people are deeply engaged producing their best work. Collaboration happens with ease, and team synergy creates innovative outcomes. At the end of the day people leave inspired, fulfilled, and are looking forward to tomorrow’s work. This is not a fantasy. It’s the natural outcome of connecting what people LOVE to what they DO.

Unlock Your Flow: Feel Whole, Happy, & Fulfilled in Your Life

For General Audience

Boredom, stagnation, feeling blah… Burnout, overwhelm, dread… Being crazy busy but feeling empty on the inside… These are the kinds of things people say when they lack meaning, joy, and fulfillment in their lives. What if the key to being fulfilled is something that you already know how to do? Have you ever been so immersed that you lost complete track of time, ideas and insights were coming in from out of the blue, and things were coming together with a sense of ease? Those moments when you were “getting into it” like a musician gets lost in the music… During these kinds of experiences, you were in flow. What if you could get into your flow, on demand and love what you do?

"Not only was Diane easy to work with, Diane impressed us with a terrific presentation full of insight, as well as some beautiful music that truly set her session in a different league. I have worked on the planning side of many conferences and events, and it is rare to have such a blend of actionable content with beautiful performance. I am happy to confirm that our attendees were truly impressed and inspired."

Robbie Heacock, Associate Director/Event Planner, Stringfellow Management Group