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Brett Connellan, a surfer and survivor, turned a shark attack into a second chance at life. In the face of a life-altering injury, he navigated an arduous recovery, defying doctors’ expectations to walk and surf again. His transformative journey instilled in him resilience and a fresh perspective on life. Now, Brett is a powerful speaker, using his unique story to inspire others to overcome challenges, maximize their potential, and embrace resilience in the pursuit of their goals.

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Sydney, Australia

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$10,000 - $20,000

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Nothing is more powerful than a second chance at life. Turning the worst day of your life into your best is no easy feat, but sometimes there is simply no other option. In Brett Connellan’s case, this day included the moment every surfer’s worst nightmare became his reality when he was attacked by a Great White Shark.

As the light was fading at Bombo Beach on the evening of the 30th of March, 2016, Brett was inches from death. He had lost three-quarters of his left quad, and emergency responders on the scene were sure Brett would not make it. Fortunately, the cards fell in Brett’s favour, and he managed to pull through with the help of a brave friend, timely emergency support and a healthy serving of luck.

The events that saved Brett’s life were not lost on him, and that perspective was needed as he faced a long and challenging road to recovery. With a bleak outlook prescribed to him by doctors, it was evident that Brett’s life as he knew it would never be the same.

These moments in time are pivotal in any person’s life as they often lead to a questioning of purpose and identity. However, what Brett did not know at this time was that the following months were even more life-changing than just the injury itself. The recovery forced Brett to “climb a new mountain” in his words and develop a different mindset towards resilience, which helped him defy the odds to be able to walk again and eventually get back in the water and do what he loves most, surfing.

Although this may sound like the perfect end to Brett’s story, it was only the beginning. Brett soon realised that the lessons he learned through his recovery could be applied to all areas of his life. This has pushed him to be the best version of himself, both personally and professionally. This new version of Brett, fuelled by purpose, drives him to use his unique and powerful story to help others make the most out of their journeys.

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Keynote Speaker Topics

WAVES OF RESILIENCE – Turning the worst day of your life into the best

Brett doesn’t think he would believe the advice he’d share with a younger version of himself because he believes that there’s no greater teacher than the experience itself.
Life, much like the ever-changing ocean, can throw unexpected challenges at us. It’s not that everyone needs to face a shark attack to gain perspective; rather, it’s about understanding how to adapt and navigate the waves of change. Resilience, that innate strength within all of us, is the anchor we can hold onto during turbulent times.
In this captivating presentation, Brett not only shares his remarkable journey of recovery after a life-altering shark attack but also equips you with the essential tools needed to conquer life’s obstacles. Discover the art of adaptation and resilience as Brett draws parallels between his journey and the challenges we all encounter in an ever-changing world.

Key Takeaways:

Unleash Resilience: Discover the transformative journey of resilience as Brett shares his powerful personal story of surviving a shark attack and rebuilding his life.
Strategies for Overcoming Challenges: Learn practical strategies for facing adversity head-on, finding hope in the darkest moments, and emerging stronger than before.
Adapt and Thrive: Explore how to harness change, turn setbacks into opportunities, and build a culture of resilience within your organisation.
Redefined Purpose: Gain insights into pivoting and finding new meaning when faced with unexpected detours, inspiring you to adapt and thrive.

*Tangible action cards to kickstart attendees’ resilience building strategies

*This presentation can be 45-60 minutes in length

THE SECOND CHANCE EFFECT – Reimagining goals: Resilience and growth in action.

Discover and embrace a transformative mindset that will redefine how you approach life and all of its challenges.
Drawing inspiration from his own life-altering journey, Brett shares how a single message changed his trajectory, offering you a powerful opportunity for growth.
Through captivating storytelling and practical strategies, you’ll learn how to cultivate unwavering focus, achieve peak performance, and continuously elevate your goals.
Whether you’re an individual or a leader wanting to empower others. This will highlight a mindset that thrives amidst change, seizes new opportunities, and redefines what success means to you as you embark on a journey of personal transformation.

Key Takeaways:

Dream Big, Achieve More: Discover the meaning behind a message that changed the trajectory of Brett’s recovery. “People fail not from aiming too high and missing, but from aiming too low and hitting”
Focus and Performance: Learn practical strategies for maintaining laser-sharp focus, maximising productivity, and consistently delivering high-performance results.
Evaluate and Elevate: Gain insights into the importance of periodically evaluating your goals, adapting to change, and learning from both successes and setbacks.
Resilience in Goal Achievement: Explore the role of resilience in pursuing your goals, turning challenges into stepping stones, and emerging stronger and more determined than ever.
*Tangible: Access to Brett’s own goal-setting resources and programs

*This presentation is 45-60 minutes

"Funny, friendly, down to earth, well executed presentation with a message of such deep magnitude that all can reflect upon towards a more purposeful life."

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